Boîte de fleurs séchées décorative

How to maintain your dried flowers?

Have you just received a composition of dried flowers? But how best to maintain it to make it last over time? Do not panic, dried flowers are very easy to maintain, and can last for many years with these few practical tips.

1. No sun exposure ☀️

Dried flowers should be placed away from direct sunlight to limit discoloration.

2. Watch out for humidity 💧

Do not place your composition in a humid room, such as a bathroom for example, which risks developing mold.

3. Our tip: hair dryer and hairspray 💇‍♀️

You can indeed use a hair dryer for dusting your flower arrangements, provided you set it to its cold air function. And finish occasionally with a light spray of hairspray to hold it in place.

How long can I keep my dried flowers? 🌸

A bouquet, or other classic dried flower arrangement, can last more than a year! Over time, the flowers will lose color and become more and more delicate. It is therefore important to limit manipulations which will tend to weaken them further.

Bouquet of dried flowers

There are also other types of original floral creations such as immersed flowers : preserved in oil, the flowers become real decorative objects without the slightest maintenance constraint.

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