Flacons de fleurs immergées

Herbarium Oil Flower : focus on a floral design trend

Immersed flowers, also called herbarium oil flower or japanese herbarium bottles, consist of dried or stabilized flowers immersed in oil for a resolutely designer decorative look. But what is this method of preserving flowers? How long can they be kept? And above all, why are we such a fan at Polhine?

A sustainable method of conservation 🌍

Submerged Flower Tubes

There are different methods of preserving flowers and plants, such as the method of pressing or even drying in the open air. These different techniques allow the flowers to become real decorative objects that last for several years.

Another method, of Japanese and Korean origin, consists of the immersion of certain varieties in a specific herbarium oil: vials, tubes and beautiful bottles are then transformed into floral compositions immersed for a unique rendering, and this for months. , even years. Thanks to this technique, the submerged flowers retain a fresh air and vibrant colors. Unlike bouquets and other compositions of dried flowers that fear humidity, herbarium oil flower are ideal for flowering damp rooms, such as the bathroom. This also makes it a great option to accompany special occasions such as weddings or other events for gift ideas.

For maintenance, it's very simple: you just have to keep them away from direct exposure to the sun and dust them with a soft cloth to avoid potential scratches on the glassware. The oil used is non-toxic, even if it is obviously necessary not to ingest it and to keep the bottles and tubes of flowers submerged out of the reach of children and animals.

A design botanical rendering 🎨

Tubes, bottles or even tubes on support of all sizes: at Polhine, we have revisited the French technique for rendering in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colorful. Indeed, oil flower herbariums in Asia traditionally use plants such as varieties of ferns, or even bamboo, in a minimalist and beautifully refined style.

Flask of submerged flowers

We have chosen to adapt the method to other varieties such as gypsophila or glixia for a flowery result in soft colors but also more pop, thus allowing you to bring a spring breeze and full of vitality into your interiors. , whatever the season.

Original gift ideas 🎁

The japenese herbarium bottles will make original gift ideas, to offer or to afford, for all lovers of flowers and design. To choose them at best, here are some indications that can make your task easier:

- The 100 ml tubes allow you to create a tailor-made assortment for a perfect mix and match with the colors of your interiors.

Submerged Flower Tubes

- Tubes on support, by 3 or by 6, will delight fans of refined and refined decoration trends.

Tubes of flowers submerged on wooden support

- The 200 ml bottles - metal cap - will delight fans of design and modernity. Those in wood will delight the most classic.

Flask of submerged flowers

- The gypsophila series bottles are perfect for women who like to flower their interiors with femininity.

Flask of submerged flowers

- The 50 ml tubes will add a fresh and modern touch to a corner of a table or a shelf.

Submerged Flower Tubes

🌸 Our Polhine advice: The trios of submerged flower tubes always make a splash! To compose it, simply choose a neutral color such as beige or green, and accompany it with two strong colors: you can for example choose the person's favorite color, in turn accompanied by the dominant color of their interior. .

Submerged Flower Tubes

Submerged flowers are therefore a unique and elegant way to incorporate flowers into a special occasion or into your home decor. They offer a long life by retaining their fresh flower look, and can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior.