Cloche de fleurs séchées

Why choose dried flowers?

Dried flowers have been at the top of decoration trends for years! But how to explain such a craze, and above all, why we never get tired of it at Polhine?

Bouquet of dried flowers

Dried flowers are a sustainable and ecological way to flower your interior without maintenance constraints. Unlike fresh flowers, they can stay intact for years, provided they are placed away from drafts and protected from direct sunlight.

At Polhine, we create with our French dried flowers, decorative objects in a large number of forms: classic bouquets and flower bells , but also tubes or bottles of dried flowers to embellish your interiors, or for original and sustainable ideas. of gifts.

Tubes of dried flowers

Responsible creations

Polhine floral compositions are always developed according to a strict charter, the main points of which are:

- the ban on the use of plastic for products and their packaging,

- flowers dried only with a minimum of 80% of flowers produced in France in a responsible way, i.e. without fertilizers or pesticides, and dried naturally,

- systematic use of local suppliers,

- or the mandatory use of recycled paper for product labels.

These commitments allow you to consume responsibly and sustainably!

French dried flowers at the right price

We have chosen to produce our flowers locally without fertilizers or pesticides, and to work only with local French producers to guarantee you affordable prices to flower your spaces or other occasions. The drying of the flowers is also carried out in a natural way in our workshops in the East of France, thus limiting the energy impacts and its cost.

Sustainable and unique floral compositions

Our passionate team also works with dried flowers to develop original and original floral compositions, such as with our range of submerged flowers : this Japanese technique for preserving flowers uses an oil to preserve flowers for a resolutely trendy and design.

Flask of submerged flowers

Dried flowers can thus be part of many decoration trends, or even adapt to all your event themes: bohemian, cocoon, or even in a country spirit: and many others! And why not share them at the end of your events so that each of your guests can keep a souvenir for years?

In addition, you can personalize all Polhine creations at no extra cost by contacting our team to create trendy and unique decorative pieces. So at Polhine: it's a big yes to the dried flower trend.