Polhine les fleurs françaises

Polhine, member of the Fleur Française collective!

As you know, Polhine is a decoration brand of dried and stabilized flowers, but not only! Indeed we are also producers of French flowers in the East of France. Flowers produced and dried responsibly without pesticides to guarantee you respectful and committed floral creations. We are therefore proud to join the Collectif de la fleur française , which actively supports the slow flower movement in France.

The French Flower Collective, what is it?

French flower collective

As explained in its manifesto, the Collectif de la fleur française supports the cultivation of local and seasonal French flowers. The association is inspired by the Slow Flower movement revolution born in the United States in the mid-2000s and which has since spread throughout the world. Its name pays homage to the famous Slow Food movement which campaigns for responsible agriculture.

The association was created on January 1, 2017 in Paris by Hélène Taquet, flower grower and founder of Popfleurs in 2014 and Sixtine Dubly, journalist, author, who published in 2016 with Assouline editions, " La Tentation des fleurs " which announced the emergence of the movement and told its genesis.

What is his goal ?

L'Annuaire du Collectif de la Fleur Française is the French responsible flower network. It identifies, presents, locates flower farms, florists, wholesalers, women and men committed to this floral revolution. The florists use at least 50% French, local and seasonal flowers. Floriculturists cultivate as naturally as possible.

Rediscover the scent of flowers , the diversity of species, the freshness of a bouquet just picked. Support jobs and biodiversity. Going to meet new territories such as scientific, gastronomic, artistic research: the Collectif de la fleur française is an organization committed to the service of committed and responsible flowers!

Want to know more ? So go to the website of the Collectif de la Fleur Française !