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Our guest gift ideas for your wedding

You already knew the bouquets of dried flowers, but there are a large number of other compositions of dried flowers! Original, customizable, durable, in addition to an affordable price. And find out why at Polhine our customers love to give them as guest gifts at their wedding!

What are the Polhine floral arrangements to offer for a wedding?

Tubes of dried flowers, flasks or flowered bottles: these rural, design or even bohemian decorations dress all types of interiors and are generally available in a wide choice of colours. They therefore easily replace traditional flower bouquets. And at Polhine, we made it a point of honor to create ethical and committed products. This is why today we present to you in more detail the advantages of offering Polhine floral arrangements as a gift to your wedding guests.

Original and personalized gifts, which require little maintenance

Are you tired of receiving dragees or bouquets of flowers at each wedding as a souvenir? But you lack gift ideas for your guests? And above all, would you like to give them something that reflects you and your marriage more? Tubes of dried flowers, bottles or flower boxes are then the ideal alternative. You can customize them according to your desires and your favorite colors. Surprise your guests with these decorations, which, in addition to their aesthetics, require very little maintenance and space (unlike traditional bouquets). Whether on a shelf, a bedside table or a coffee table, these floral creations will certainly find their place with your guests.

Submerged flowers: a unique gift idea for your guests

The advantage with submerged dried flowers is that they require no maintenance for years. You are therefore certain to offer a designer gift that will remain with your loved ones for several years, and which will regularly remind them of your wedding. In addition, at Polhine, we are supporters of the slow flower movement. Our submerged flowers are therefore guaranteed to be 100% responsible!

Wedding gifts that will delight small budgets

Surely you think if it's that awesome then no choice, the price comes with it. Rest assured, as we produce flowers in our fields in France, we manage to offer you submerged dried flowers at a low price! Our range is wide enough to satisfy all desires. And our goal remains to make these decorations accessible. For example, our entry-level is around €2 per tube of dried flowers. You will therefore be able to please all the guests of your wedding without worrying, without having to compromise the quality of their gift. Do not hesitate to contact our team to obtain the preferential rates on these occasions.

A decoration that adapts to all atmospheres

You have no idea what your guests' interior decoration looks like and you are afraid that this gift will denote too much with them? Or do you have a specific wedding theme? So you will be reassured to know that all our compositions are available in a large number of colors and 100% customizable at no additional cost. Ditto for the floral style: bohemian, country or even refined, our team will be able to adapt our creations to all your desires.

Practical and trendy gift ideas for its guests

As you will have understood, Polhine compositions are gifts of choice for your wedding guests. Less fragile than a bouquet of dried flowers in a vase, more original than traditional dragees, and customizable according to your desires, they will certainly please your loved ones (and your wallet)! The fact that they are in a bottle or a tube facilitates their transport and their conservation, and makes them design and easy to integrate into any interior decoration. In addition, it is the design trend of this year. All the more reason to add it to your wedding gifts! Are you conquered? So discover our entire Polhine catalog now to make your choice.

Ophelie Barbotte