Comment choisir la couleur parfaite de bouquet de fleurs séchées pour sublimer votre intérieur ?

How to choose the perfect color of dried flower bouquet to enhance your interior?

Who says interior decoration says: furniture, curtains, but not only! Indeed flowers have a real impact in our interiors. They can bring color and poetry to any room. However, it is important to choose the right type but also the right colors of bouquet of dried flowers, to perfectly match your interiors.

In this article, we will guide you to choose the perfect color of dried flower bouquet that will enhance your home.

The harmony of colors 🎨

The harmony of colors is essential to create a pleasant atmosphere in your interior. When choosing the color of your flower bouquet, consider the dominant colors of your space. You can then play on an overall harmony of your colors or on the contrary, on the contrasts.

For example, if you have a rather neutral interior decoration with tones of beige, white and gray, opt for a bouquet of brightly colored flowers to bring a vitamin dose of color. Or on the contrary, for a bouquet in neutral and feathery tones to bring a cocoon touch to your interior.

If your interior is already very colorful, you can also choose a bouquet in the dominant color of the room for an elegant association.


Emotions conveyed by colors 🥰

Colors have significant emotional power. Red evokes passion and energy, yellow brings joy and warmth, blue soothes and inspires calm, while pink evokes tenderness and gentleness. Think about the mood you want to create in each room of your home before choosing the color of your flower bouquet. Warm tones are ideal for living spaces and bedrooms, while cool tones are ideal for bathrooms or den areas.

Consult our color charts in the product sheets of our Polhine dried flower bouquets to help you in your choice.

Bouquets of feathery or country dried flowers 🪶

For a bouquet of flowers that will match perfectly with your interior, also think about the types of bouquets of dried flowers to choose. A country-style flower bouquet will use oats and bright colors. Eucalyptus will provide more of an elegant floral touch. You can also alternate them according to the seasons: in spring and summer, bet on bright and colorful shades. In autumn, opt for creations with soft and warm shades, thanks to the presence of grasses for example. Finally, in winter, white and red bouquets, or with gold reminders can accompany your Christmas tree!

The size of the bouquet ✂️

The size of the flower bouquet is also an element to take into account. Large bouquets with flowers in varying colors can be used as a focal point in a spacious room, while smaller, color-coordinated bouquets can be placed in strategic locations to create visual accents. Also consider the size of the vases and containers you will use for the bouquet, as these will also impact the overall look of the flower arrangement.

You can also opt for ready-to-hang bouquets in a selection of vases by our Polhine team!


Choosing the perfect dried flower bouquet color to decorate your home is a simple yet powerful way to add a touch of beauty and harmony to your living space. Keep in mind the harmony of colors, the emotions conveyed, the seasonality of the flowers and the size of the bouquet to create a striking visual effect.

And to choose your bouquet of French dried flowers Polhine: it's over here :)