Bienvenue à l'atelier de fabrication Polhine !

Welcome to the Polhine manufacturing workshop!

Where are our Polhine dried flower creations made? How ? Will I receive my order without breakage? We explain everything that happens behind the scenes of our dried flower workshop, which strives to celebrate French know-how every day!

Polhine's workshop: French craftsmanship in the spotlight ✂️

Polhine Dried Flower Workshop In a world where mass production predominates, artisan companies stand out for their meticulous attention to detail, their unique craftsmanship and their love of a job well done. And it is more precisely in the city of Sedan that our Polhine team precisely creates with passion and meticulousness all your orders of floral compositions. Bouquets of dried flowers, bells, flasks and flowered bottles: our passionate team complies with a strict internal quality charter for the design of all Polhine pieces.
Each of them is designed with particular attention to detail, thus enhancing French craftsmanship through the creation of durable, unique decorative objects, imbued with meaning and poetry.
All our collections are also developed according to current decoration trends, and in a very wide choice of colors to allow you to find pieces that match perfectly with your interiors, and those of your loved ones.
In addition, our team very regularly receives your customization requests for your weddings, events, birthday gifts, thank yous: there are many opportunities to create custom pieces, adapted to your preferences and your needs.

A manufacturing and drying workshop 💐

Attic of dried flowers

As you already know if you know our Polhine universe, we grow our own flowers in our field located not far from our workshop during the summer. Once harvested by our summer team, they are then grouped into bundles and placed in our natural dryer for 3 to 4 weeks. This work allows us to cover more than 90% of our needs all year round!

These location choices allow us to guarantee a short circuit for our flowers: that is to say a system in which the flowers are grown, harvested locally, without going through intermediaries or long and complex supply chains.

By growing and drying our flowers locally, we obtain high quality dried flowers in an environmentally responsible way. Flowers imported from afar have a heavy environmental impact due to long-distance air or road transport. By choosing short circuit dried flowers, you reduce the carbon footprint associated with their production.

Responsible and guaranteed packaging without breakage ♻️

Polhine Command

All Polhine packages are made in our workshop to ensure perfect delivery. Indeed, more than half of our Polhine creations use glass and to date we have recorded a breakage rate of less than 1%! With our three years of experience, we have been able to develop rigorous packaging techniques to guarantee delivery of your dried flower arrangements in perfect condition:

- All the floral compositions are glued, attached or even perfectly wedged in each of its glass containers,

- The flower containers are then packed in a solid cardboard packaging,

- And again placed in sturdy recycled kraft sheets to perfectly pass the test of delivery from our workshop to your home!

All orders intended for professionals use Second Life boxes, thanks to agreements made with companies in our region, in order to give a second life to equipment initially intended for the trash.

Did you know ? At Polhine, we prohibit the use of plastic for the creation or packaging of a product.

Customer relations at the heart of our policy ☎️

As a craft company, our relationship with our customers is imbued with proximity and authenticity. Your satisfaction is our first priority!

We believe in open communication with our customers. We are available to answer your questions, advise you and keep you informed on the progress of your orders. And our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't end with the delivery of the product: we are here to support you even after the purchase :)

How to contact our team? It's this way !