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Floral bottle - square

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Our floral herbaria in a bottle consist of dye-free dried flowers immersed in a non-toxic oil, which then gives them shine and durability without equivalence.

Each piece is unique and all the compositions are made by hand in our workshop. The models designed depend on the seasons, the availability of the plants, their qualities and their sizes.

Technical characteristics

Glass bottle of 200 ml capacity, Height: 26 cm and wooden stopper.

Non-contractual photos: you can consult our article Why are our Polhine creations unique? to understand our committed and responsible manufacturing choices.


How do I maintain my Polhine floral bottles? To best preserve your Polhine floral bottles, we recommend that you place them out of the sun to make their color last. Also be sure to dust your tubes with a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

Color — Purple